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Allen Corporation of America, Inc.

Customer Assistance


Supporting the U.S. Army’s Tactical Logistics Systems and providing support to CECOM TDL for the following Functions:

Logistics Services Division provides the Program Manager Tactical Logistics Directorate with Post Deployment Software Support, which includes requirements determination, configuration management, testing, security, training, documentation, and customer assistance (Help Desk). 
Logistics Services Division keeps customer systems in operation by providing expert 24/7 functional and technical assistance for problem resolution via telephonic and other suitable electronic means. 
Logistics Services Division has detailed knowledge of all levels of U.S. Army automated logistics systems and the procedures used by the PM LIS to perform customer assistance. 
For each of the U.S. Army systems, the Logistics Services Division provides customer assistance for field users until the system is retired.
Logistics Services Division provides all users with: functional and technical telephonic customer assistance (CA) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round, world-wide, on all production hardware and operating systems for the STAMIS. 
Logistics Services Division assists in the resolution of trouble tickets and enters trouble ticket resolution details into an agreed-to software database for future reference by other CA performers. 
Within the existing PM LIS Customer Support Network, the Logistics Services Division provides subject matter experts to resolve problems concerning software coding (for technical and functional problems). 
Logistics Services Division adheres to all REMEDY based procedures and policies, as defined by the Government. 
For contingency operations and hostile area support, Logistics Services Division provides on-site CA, as requested by the PM LIS.

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