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Allen Corporation of America, Inc.


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Delivering Cost Efficient, Cutting-Edge
Solutions to Our Customers

Information Technology

Allen Corporation’s Information Technology Division (ITD) delivers cost efficient, cutting-edge solutions to meet our customers technology and business needs. We have a 30-year track record assessing, formulating and implementing converged voice and data communications architectures with secure, quick-response solutions, advanced engineering architectures, and professional IT services worldwide.

We focus on the business needs of our customers. Whether off-the-shelf or fully customized, we build, support, and maintain solutions that meet your needs today and into the future. We accomplish this by incorporating open industry standard architectures and feature sets that simplify maintenance routines and future upgrades, improve technology management, improve business productivity, and reduce remediation time if network issues arise. The Technology Division also specializes in the management, maintenance, and support of legacy X.25 data networking equipment. Our team averages over 20 years of experience and engineers, furnishes, installs, operates, and maintains networks. Our technology competencies range from modems and digital cross-connects, to modern fiber transmission systems.

Allen Corporation provides nationally acclaimed information assurance products, firmly established IT/telecom procedures, voice/data security architectures, software systems design, database population, enterprise management, training development, logistics management, test and evaluation, and engineering documentation. We can handle a small piece of a project or we can program manage a multiple-vendor, multi-phases project from specification to production



Local, Wide, and Metropolitan Area Networking

Our certified engineers have years of hands- on expertise designing, implementing, managing, maintaining, and supporting local, wide, and metropolitan area networks. Our relationships with companies such as Foundry Networks, Juniper Networks, Cisco, and Aruba allow us to remain on the leading edge of technology. Our experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Cabling and cable management
  • All major brands of routing and switching equipment including the newest 10GB infrastructure equipment
  • Various transport media including Laser, VSAT, Radio, and customary network connectivity methods
  • All major brands of servers and applications

Network and Systems Analysis and Documentation

The Allen Network Analysis System (NAS) allows our team to take a systematic approach to both analyze and document your network and systems. This vital system provides IT managers with a baseline look at their systems from which vulnerabilities can be mitigated and upgrades can be planned.

While the NAS can be customized to meet your needs, the standard offering includes:

  • Detailed Inventories of network and server equipment including serial numbers
  • Logical and physical equipment configuration information
  • Inventory of software installed on server systems
  • Basic workstation configuration information
  • LAN and WAN diagrams
  • Basic server performance capture logs
  • Basic network utilization logs
  • Basic vulnerability scan
  • Best Practices Analysis and Recommendations

Network Security and Information Assurance

Allen Corporation has strategic relationships with key vendors such as Tipping Point, SourceFire, Juniper, McAfee, and HP to name a few. Our engineers have experience with multi-layered security models that incorporate Virtual Private Networks, Remote Access, Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, Vulnerability Assessments, Network Access Control, Patch Management, Network Monitoring, Enterprise Management, and Anti-Virus Solutions. Our Enterprise Management Division specializes in network monitoring and compliance products, and unique to other companies, the Allen Technology team has first hand access to the expertise of WetStone Technologies, a division of Allen Corporation, whose award winning software specializes in eCrime Investigation, eForensics and incident response activities.

Enterprise Wireless Networking

ITD is experienced in providing campus-wide wireless networking solutions. Strategic relationships with various vendors, including Foundry, Aruba and Juniper Networks, allow the Allen team to provide a wireless solution that meets your needs. We offer fully meshed, fully redundant, indoor/outdoor campus-wide solutions or scaled-down solutions for the small business office. Securing wireless networks is a cornerstone of our wireless solutions.

Information Technology Staffing

Let us focus on the technology so that you can focus on your business. We offer both full-time, part-time, and project staff augmentation. Whether you need someone to run your help desk, or a Senior Engineer to lead your project to completion, Allen Corporation’s Technology Division can deliver.

X.25 System Installation, Maintenance, and Support

Our experienced engineers, support staff, and our long-standing relationships with various Financial institutions and Telco carriers serves as the basis for our ability to migrate, maintain, and support carrier-level legacy X.25 equipment. Allen Corporation is the sole authorized Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for the Alcatel TPX Packet Switching product family, for which we maintain a large inventory of software, systems, and spare parts. Our team has successfully performed multiple consolidations, upgrades, moves and migrations of various brands of legacy X.25 equipment.

In addition to these capabilities, our ability to work directly with Allen Corporation’s Integrated Networks Division gives us the tools necessary to assist when migrating to new technologies such as VOIP and converging voice and data even when it is necessary to interface with legacy PBX systems.

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