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Allen Corporation of America, Inc.
Cyber Security Training Courses
Insider Exploits: Piecing Together The Digital Crime Scene
This is a two-day training that allows each student to experience a unique virtualize cyber-safe environment where investigators and information technology professionals can experiment with the most advanced exploits and mimic the behavior of malicious insiders. Beyond the offensive use of these tools, investigators will learn to discover their use, and piece together key elements of the digital crime scene.  
Zombies and Botnets: Setup-Investigate-Shutdown                               
This one-day advanced module to Inside Malware focuses exclusively on Zombies and Botnets. Students have unique access to our “hands-on” interactive learning environment. Students work together to establish a complex Botnet environment and practice investigative methods/techniques to collect criminal information. Each student learns how to shut down and isolate Botnet operators and individual Zombies in order to limit or preempt the damage they can cause.
Advanced StegAnalysis: Demystifying Steganography Investigation  
During this two-day advanced class, students participate in hands-on experiments with stego’d images, multimedia files, advanced network protocols and Steganographic file systems. Detailed analytical and jamming methods are utilized to both discover and disrupt Steganographic operations. Analysis of Steganographic file systems, streaming steganography and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)-based steganography are covered. A host of both open source and proprietary technologies are utilized during this course.
This one-day emersion class will use the latest tools, techniques and methodologies to extract and examine information from P2P activities.Criminals utilize Peer to Peer technologies to communicate, share information and contraband.  In addition, malicious software such as Botnets, Zombies and Trojans utilize these protocols for command and control once target computers have been compromised.  

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