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Allen Corporation of America, Inc.

Cyber Security Funded Research

We perform scientific research and development in cyber security and information assurance for our U.S. Government sponsors and rapidly transition the resulting core innovations into software products for our customers.  An important byproduct of our research is the subject matter expertise that we gain.  We leverage this expertise into advanced training programs that give our Defense, Law Enforcement and Commercial customers an advantage defending against cyber crime.


National Institute of Justice Funded Research and Development            

Trait Analytic Program Search(TAPS)   

TAPS is researching new methods of program identification and categorization. Conceptually TAPS is attempting to identify traits much like DNA, but instead of the human genome, we are identifying the characteristics of malicious software. The goal of the project is two-fold: first, we are identifying characteristics of memory resident software, based on code, data, system call and other common software characteristics; second, we are developing a knowledgebase of these characteristics that allows us to distinguish between benign and malicious applications.



USB Live Acquisition and Triage Tool (US-LATT)
US-LATT provides investigators and first-responders with the ability to obtain live, volatile evidence from running systems under rapid response or covert scenarios.  Law enforcemnt officers would insert a U3 USB device that automatically captures and stores evidence from suspect computers.


U.S. Airforce Research Laboratory at Rome, NY 
Funded Research and Development                                                

Fingerprint Biometric Liveness (LiveCheck™)
Sophisticated fingerprint imposters have been made around the world in order to spoof both manned and unmanned fingerprint biometric devices. LiveCheck is the culmination of a two-year intense research and development aimed at distinguishing between Live and Fake fingerprint scans. LiveCheck™ is a software solution that uses intelligent system technology to distinguish visually between live and fake prints. The LiveCheck project received the distinguished 2008 Tibbetts Award for innovation by the Small Business Council.

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